About Me - Paul Hirst

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I currently live in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. I've lived here since March 2000, when I took a job at one of the astronomy observatories located close to the summit of Mauna Kea.

A brief history

I grew up in Lepton, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire in the north of England. From 1992-1995 I studied Physics at Lincoln College, Oxford. During this time I also did a lot of Gliding. Then from 1995-1995 I studied for an MSc in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank [wikipedia]. My research there actually centred on Infrared rather than Radio Astronomy. 1996-2000 I studied for a PhD in Astrophysics with the X-Ray Astronomy Group at Leicester University. During this time I also spent a lot of time rock climbing and mountaineering. Finally, in March 2000, I moved out to Hawaii.


I work at the Joint Astronomy Centre as a UKIRT support scientist and the WFCAM instrument scientist. You can read more about that in my work web pages.


My outdoor hobbies tend to vary strongly on what's good where I'm living at the time. My major hobby at the moment is SCUBA diving. In the past I've been into climbing and mountaineering, and gliding. In addition, I'm interested in photography, electronics and computing.